Thesis Proposal Schedule

Below is the schedule for the Thesis Proposal Reviews.  We still need Ezra, Wyatt, Dominic and Kaitlyn to round it out.  Can ya’ll take a look at it and let me know if any of the remaining times work for you?  The meetings will take place in G131.

CTAN 336 Thesis Proposal Reviews Sign-Up Sheet

Thursday 05/06

12:00 pm Matt Zell
12:20 pm Matthew Friedlander
12:40 pm Eric Stirpe
1:00 pm Sean Manning
1:20 pm Jeremiah Forkkio
1:40 pm Jackie Chang

Friday 05/07

10:00 am
10:20 am
10:40 am
11:00 am
11:20 am Lisa Anderson
11:40 am Carolyn Chrisman
12:00 pm BREAK
12:20 pm BREAK
12:40 pm BREAK
1:00 pm Ramon Hurtado
1:20 pm Jerad Riojas
1:40 pm Lamb Chamberlain
2:00 pm Michelle Lin
2:20 pm Kyle Goodrich
2:40 pm

Shot Test Assignment

Please refer to the previous post for instructions on the shot test.

Shot Test Assignment for Kaitlyn and Dominic

Shot Test

Choose a shot or section of a shot from your storyboard and render a test of the final look.  The test should be 5-15 seconds long.  For those of you using live action, 3d modeling and or 3d puppets-I know the pre-production end is very time consuming and may seem difficult to execute before your final presentation.  If this is the case, you can:

-choose a very simple shot with fewer elements

-use pre-made proxies for some of the models

-use still photographs instead of actors

Let me know which shot you intend to use by next week and include your proposed production process.  For example:

Step one: photograph my roommate standing in for the actor

Step two: find and create 3d assets

Step three: animate photograph

Step four: animate camera

Step five: texture

Step six: light

Step seven: render

Video Examples

Here are couple examples of pixilation style animation mixed with other media.

Artist Examples


artist examples

The first link is a straight .pdf file, the second is portolio style.

Model Sheet Examples



The first link is a straight .pdf file, the second is portolio style.

Vis Dev and Research Assignment

vis dev

SACI updated syllabus


Thesis Blog Links Are Up

You can find links to your classmates’ thesis blogs on the right.  For those of you at USC, please look at and leave comments on Kaitlyn’s and Dominic’s blog by next Thursday.  I’ve also posted a link to a storyboarding blog that Eric Stirpe forwarded to me.  If any of you would like me to add similar links, just forward them to my email address.

Meeting Schedule

individual meeting schedule 02/23-02/25